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It’s all sexism I tell you!

That’s pretty much what some of the Left want you to believe, when it comes to Martha Coakley’s defeat to Scott Brown.

The problem with this line of reasoning is that taken to its logical course, would mean that the only ones that were the sexists were the Democrats themselves.

According to Rasmussen 22% of Democrats voted for Brown. So that would mean 22% of all the Democrats that voted in the Mass Senate race were sexist! GASP!!!

Of course the sexist excuse is a red herring. If the reason Coakley lost had to summed up to one thing, that would be Obama. It was Obama’s inept economic policy that has produced no jobs that doomed her. It was Obama’s insane health care reform bill, that really sunk her ship. It was Obama’s massive government spending spree that put the nail in her coffin.

Anyway, here is a good post about this whole sexism thing.

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