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Oh Mann, India fires the IPCC

It’s only 5 days into Feburary and Global Warming and the IPCC have taken two big hits.

1. India form new climate change body.

According to the UK Telegraph (Why are only UK papers reporting this stuff?) India has no faith in their own countryman, Dr. Pachuari and wants to form it’s own Climate Change Panel to review the data themselves. The big ruckus is over the Himalayan glacier fiasco. There has been ongoing tention between Dr. Pachuari and the Indian Government’s environment minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh. Mr. Ramesh has announced the Indian Government will form a National Institute of Himalayan Glaciology.

Mr. Ramesh has this to say about the IPCC;

“There is a fine line between climate science and climate evangelism. I am for climate science. I think people misused [the] IPCC report, [the] IPCC doesn’t do the original research which is one of the weaknesses… they just take published literature and then they derive assessments, so we had goof-ups on Amazon forest, glaciers, snow peaks.

“I respect the IPCC but India is a very large country and cannot depend only on [the] IPCC and so we have launched the Indian Network on Comprehensive Climate Change Assessment (INCCA).”

If there ever was a market test for the IPCC, this shows that the IPCC is running out of customers. The IPCC, like any organization run by the experts, exhibits all the flaws of people that think they know better. The whole thing is far to politicized to give any fair and valid scientific conclusions. It’s one thing to make a claim and have other scientists, try it themselves to see if they get the same results. It’s a completely different thing to make a claim using faulty data and non-scientific methods and then refuse the other side any chance to refute the claim, either by hiding relevant data,  ad hominum or erecting entry barriers to keep them out of journals.

2. Michael Mann, a major player in the ClimateGate scandal is still under review at Penn State.

The prospects for Dr. Mann don’t look good;

In looking at four possible allegations of research misconduct, the committee determined that further investigation is warranted for one of those allegations. The recommended investigation will focus on determining if Mann “engaged in, directly or indirectly, any actions that seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting or reporting research or other scholarly activities.”

The committee is charged with looking at the ethical behavior of the scientist and determining whether he violated professional standards in the course of his work.

If the committee finds sufficient evidence that Dr. Mann acted unethically in his research and on his presentation of his research, the IPCC is finished. . I think he did and he deserves his punishment, censure from Climate journals and loss of tenure. It might seem harsh but the scientific community at large needs to get the message through that unethical behavior in science is not tolerated.

Personally, I’m about 50/50 that they will find that he acted unethically. The University has a lot at stake here as well. While they know they need to do something to save their image of an unbiased scientific institution, they know that if they do find that Mann acted badly, they will be the subject of even more scrutiny; from the press, bloggers, future students and even more important, Alumni and donors. Never forget that every University is in it for one thing and one thing only, donations.

Also, University professors in general, tend to stick together, especially if they have the same outlook on politics in general. A paper by Klein and Stern suggest that Groupthink dominates Academia. The study deals with politics in general, how most departments in the humanities are dominated by Democrats. But the analysis goes a bit further to suggest that there is a weeding out process that goes on in most Departments of most Universities. So that, in Dr. Mann’s, case; since Dr. Mann was a big influence on his Department, he had a big influence on who else is in the department. Those people that owe their tenure to Dr. Mann probably won’t be as harsh on him as they should be.

I know it’s a cynical view of Academia, especially from someone pursuing a higher degree. Overall though I think it’s accurate, at least in talks I’ve had with others in and out of Academic life.

So now we have two more tails of woe for Global Warming and February hasn’t even had  a full week yet. Climate Change is better than reality TV. Maybe FOX will do a new reality show, Are you smarter than a Climatologist?

  1. PJ
    February 6, 2010 at 14:34

    Oh dear, more bad news for AGW believers… I don’t think it will shake them much though. Faith, by it’s very definition, is not based on logical proof or reasoning. 🙂

    • February 7, 2010 at 22:51

      But science has PROVEN it right? ha ha, but your right they will never admit they were wrong.

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