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At Least Read the Book

This little rant is in regards to this book review.

Matt Yglesias is a useful idiot. I know I should say idiot but what else do you call someone that will writes a snarky post about a book, Sowell’s Intellectuals and Society. Yet, can’t even read it himself, instead outsourcing his review to another’s review that doesn’t even talk about the content of the book itself! Instead talking about why Sowell is angry? WTF

<Start rant>

Sowell is the man. If it weren’t for Sowell I never would have known who Hayek or Mises were, well got to give credit to Obama as well. If it weren’t for the Stimulus talk last year, I never would have read Applied Economics which got me interested in Economics in the first place, then lead me to Bastiat. Somehow in reading Applied Economics I did a search for broken window fallacy, which lead me to Hazlitt and then to Mises.org.
I know Sowell isn’t exactly Austrian but I hold him in high regards.
The review is typical of most progressive reviews. You can read the likes of them at amazon, usually they say, “I haven’t read the book yet, but…” then they go into some partisan rant that has nothing to do with the actual material in the book.
It’s all because they don’t want people to read it. They know the power that is on those pages. They know when people actually read, think and decide for themselves they will no longer be beholden to the “authorities” (Krugman, Yglesias etc). They don’t like that. They don’t like people choosing for themselves because they know, when given all the facts and a good logical argument, their side always loses. Socialism always loses. The only way they can get people to buy into it is by controlling the message.

When you read a partisan review like that, you know that your going to get some really good stuff if you read it. When I’m reading reviews at amazon, I always go for the 1 star reviews, if they are filled with partisan rants that have nothing to do with the actual book, I go ahead and buy the book. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Anyone who has actually read Sowell or has heard or seen him talk knows that the man is smart and has a lot of good things to say. In the typical “liberal” fashion, liberals don’t want you to hear what he has to say, so they relay on ad hominum, because they know their own arguments are not very well grounded.


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  1. yttik
    February 13, 2010 at 11:25

    Yep, I hate book reviews from people who never even bothered to read the book. That didn’t work in high school, why does it work in the big world??

    The funniest thing I saw was a book review of Palin’s book, of course not read by the author, who still felt qualified to deliver a review. Someone went and posted alleged excerpts of the book and commentators went bananas slamming them as evidence of how stupid the author was, how misguided their politics, what crappy writing. Turned out to not be from Palin’s book at all, all the excerpts where from Dreams of My Father.

    It’s kind of funny but it’s scary too. When people have never read a book, never met a person, but have formed all these opinions, it means your thoughts and feeling have been totally shaped by others. You reasoning skills, your perceptions, are not even in play, how you think has been dictated to you. That thought pretty much creeps me out.

    • February 13, 2010 at 12:02

      It is amazing. You know at one time, which seems so long ago in a galaxy far far away, I used to think that the Liberals were the ones with open minds and willing to listen to all sides before making an opinion. I was right and wrong. That was Classical Liberalism, not the current version we have in the Democratic Party. I think the last ruckus over at the blog formerly known as LR, showed us all that. Closed minds don’t like to debate, they like to impose.
      Re: Dreams of My Father, that is a fascinating subject. I’d say most people haven’t read it, yet they try to offer it a proof that Obama was/is so intelligent and thoughtful, just the “right” person to lead the country. Yet, when passages are taken out, without the benefit of knowing who wrote the book, the same people tear it to shreds.
      During the campaign, I made a list of Biden gaffes and spun it around so that I made it sound like Palin said all those stupid things. All the Palin haters at my work were so happy that there was proof of how dumb Palin was. It wasn’t until one of my friends, who didn’t know that it was me that typed up the list, let the cat out of the bag that made everyone shut up. It didn’t change their opinions of course. These are the same ones that quoted Tina Fey as proof that Palin was dumb.
      I think your right about people having their opinions shaped by others. It usually makes it much easier to take away your freedoms and liberty that way.

  2. February 15, 2010 at 23:32

    I thought this was funny:

    “Dr. Sowell is a blithering idiot.”

    This is TL retort to me.
    “You are a screaming idiot.”

    Maybe they are one in the same?

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