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Ungovernable is used as a partisan tactic. It’s only used because the country doesn’t want to do what they want to do. The country is quite governable, albeit gullible at times. It’s just a big PR campaign.

The problem with Obama and the Democrats is they are lousy at actual leading. They are make for a great opposition party. They are good for holding others accountable, but given a position of leadership succumb to the same incentives that the last guy faced. But even W was able to pass legislation for further his agenda. Democrats were so sure of their intellect and superiority over Bush, even though they were duped by him multiple times, they assumed governing was the easy part.

Obama is learning the hard way that campaigning and leadership are two very separate things. As a result, the market is doing what markets always do, correct past mistakes when allowed to do so.

The Democrats are making a huge mistake in their handling of the Tea parties and the growing Libertarian movement. By demonizing them, the Democrats are relegating themselves to Minority status for another 20 years. I’m afraid that the Republicans will also mis-interpret that as well. Hopefully that will change and the two parties will start talking to each other instead of talking past each other, but that might be a pipe dream as well.

I wrote that in response to another great post by Charles Rowley. Everyone seriously needs to put him on your daily blog-roll, stat!

The media, and Paul Krugman,  are simply wrong in this assessment. The United States currently is being governed precisely in the manner predicted by the Founding Fathers (albeit with one exception).  The Founding Fathers never anticipated the emergence of the Imperial Presidency. The Senate presently is fulfilling its role of ameliorating  damage that might otherwise have occurred as President Obama forgot his obligations and moved forward with a policy agenda rejected by a significant majority of the United States electorate.

And this;

I have little doubt that Barack Obama mis-interpreted the nature of his significant victory, uplifted as he must have been by the tumultuous welcome that his victory received from a population rejoicing that the evil stain of slavery, in part at least, finally had been scrubbed clean.  In reality, a frightened electorate was looking to its new President for a moderate policy agenda that would ease the country out of the financial crisis and economic recession, and return it to the era of The Great Moderation, 1984-2000, when stagflation had been eliminated, and steady economic growth, high rates of employment, and low rates of inflation blessed this exceptional nation.

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  1. yttik
    February 23, 2010 at 08:51

    This debate over what’s best, big government or limited government gets kind of ridiculous. Liberals want all these social programs because the private sector is e-v-i-l, unregulated capitalism, out to get you. Government are the only ones qualified to take care of people and to show their love. But they say this after screaming at you for 20 minutes about the evils of government! Slavery, Native Americans, rounding up the Japanese, destroying the environment, invading a couple of small countries, corruption, lobbyists. Gee, are you sure you really want such a nasty bunch of people taking care of you? Republicans aren’t much better, they want to drown government in the bathtub because it’s so wasteful and incompetent. Except when it comes to defense and nuclear energy! For some reason government is highly skilled at handling nuclear waste and dangerous weapons and running this huge military. It’s ironic, the Gov can’t be trusted with health care because they’re too incompetent to make decisions about people’s health and personal lives, but they better make laws against abortion and gay marriage. Making decisions about women’s bodies and who can get married must be done by government because now individuals are too incompetent to make their own choices.

    Naturally when neither of these schizophrenic approaches resonate with the people very well, it’s simply because we’re ungovernable. Geesh, talk about blaming the victim.

    • February 23, 2010 at 09:12

      I give Republicans a bit of leeway on the Defense thing. To me it is a legitimate function of government. Energy, not so much. I don’t think any industry should seek rents or protection from Government. Let them live and die by the products and services they provide. If the market doesn’t like them, they should be liquidated.
      Take the power company here in Little Rock, Entergy. They are tied to Entergy Oklahoma, Louisiana and Tennessee. Which is great for those states since, Arkansas gets to pay extra to be in the conglomerate, while they don’t. Entergy Arkansas wants to split off and form it’s own subsidiary, completely separate from the other three and it will save Arkansans customers almost $50 a month off from out of state fees. Who’s stopping it from splitting? The energy utilities commission of course!

      The examples you bring up are good because there needs to be a discussion on the proper role of government. Is it to provide the basics and let the people chose to do what they want? That’s my take. The Founders intended for smaller local governments. If you don’t like the laws in Texas, then you can move to more liberal California, etc. It’s the ultimate in free choice. Unfortunately some that wrap themselves in choice rarely want people to actually choose. Just like unfortunately some that advocate free markets, want to privatize the profits but socialize the loses. Neither would be able to get away with it, if government were smaller though.

      Either way, there are elements of both parties that want to control other people’s lives. Democrats are great at finding fault with the GOP elements like that, but deny any of their own, vise versa with GOP.

  2. yttik
    February 23, 2010 at 10:24

    We have the utility problem here too. We have a private corporation and there’s a push to make it public so as to reduce rates. The problem is the next county over has a public utility and they pay even more then we do. They also have very meager energy assistance fund. Our big corporation pours hundreds of thousands into our energy assistance program for low income people. If you can’t afford your electric bill, we always have funds to help. I think it’s called socialism, LOL. You can actually check a box and contribute 3 dollars to this fund every time you pay your bill.

    In a twist of irony, here I am advocating for the big evil corporation because they have a much better track record for the poor and working classes and for keeping rates down. To make it even sillier, more liberal minded people are talking about wanting a utility tax in our county to force people to conserve. But poor people already conserve! And wealthy people could care less about paying an extra 11 bucks. Apparently their plan is to get rid of energy assistance for low income people and to tax people’s energy so everybody has to pay higher rates. And then they lecture me about the evils of big corporations. Go figure.

    • February 23, 2010 at 11:31

      That’s why it’s important to look beyond stage one, to the actual consequences of what politicians do. That’s why I love Dr. Sowell so much. He was instrumental in making me understand that concept. I think that’s the main reason why so many open minded and tolerant liberals don’t want anyone to listen to him. If other liberals were to see the actual effects of welfare, minimum wages, rent controls etc…they wouldn’t be voting those policies into actions.
      They’d see that, although far from perfect, Markets work and work better than Government in most cases. But Markets are decentralized, and therefore not good for totalitarians from both parties for controlling everyone. Underlying every market is choice. You can choose not to participate. Governments don’t give that choice.

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