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Blance Lincoln seat goes to Boozman

That’s my prediction now that Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is running against Lincoln in the primaries.

From BillHalter.com

Halter, who yesterday announced his intention via an on-line video at BillHalter.com, said, “Washington is broken and is more beholden to insiders and special interests than it is to people here at home. I’ve taken on special interests and insiders before and I won’t be afraid to do it, again.  It’s time to put Arkansas first.”

“Today I’m making my U.S. Senate campaign to put Arkansas families first official,” continued Halter.  “Washington should be working for us, but it isn’t.  It is immoral to be bailing out Wall Street with no strings attached while leaving middle class Arkansas taxpayers with the bill, or protecting insurance company profits rather than protecting patients and lowering health costs.   While unemployment is at a 25 year high, Washington responds by bickering and playing partisan games. Enough is enough.”

“Our jobs are being shipped overseas, seniors are being pushed to the brink and big banks and insurance companies are getting taxpayer-funded bail outs,” continued Halter. “Serving Arkansas as your lieutenant governor for the past three years has been an incredible honor but I am ready to take my fight for Arkansans to the United States Senate.”

I’m behind Halter 100%. Not because I like him or think he’ll actually win, ha. He has a fat chance in hell of winning. He’ll just drain Lincoln’s war chest which will make Boozman‘s job much much easier.

Halter isn’t all that well liked here in Arkansas, except in the Latte Liberal crowd.

The School lottery is a boondoggle. With most of the money going to the Lottery Commission’s salary than actually helping the kids. Needless to say the Lottery isn’t all that popular right now with the voters.

I seriously doubt he will get any sort of endorsement from Gov. Beebe. Without Beebe, Halter is toast.

I have no doubt that Lincoln will win the Democratic Primary. She’ll be wounded coming into the election and will go down in a blaze.

There is more good news. Reid is down double digits, 52-39, to GOP challenger, Sue Lowden. Danny Tarkanian, 49-41,  isn’t that far behind though.

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  1. yttik
    March 3, 2010 at 10:22

    You have lottery troubles, too? We have a lottery, it’s intended to help fund education. I’m trying to figure out why I’m still washing cars and holding bake sales.

    In the “olden” days we had less sources of revenue, lower taxes, and better services. Now days it’s kind of like just pouring money down a hole.

    • March 3, 2010 at 10:49

      That’s because throwing good money after bad, doesn’t solve any problems. Much to the chagrin of Liberals everywhere. Their answer is always more money, more funding, more programs; when the last round of “more money” didn’t do anything and the last round of new programs didn’t help solve anything. If anything the problem gets worst as more and more of that money gets wasted on bad projects and bad teachers instead of rewarding the good ones.
      I’m Pro-Choice, I want vouchers and letting the parents and students decide where they want to go. I see what happened with the DC voucher program and it makes me sad. The kids were so much better off under the voucher program only to have Obama and the Dems in Congress come in and take it all away and force them back to the rotting school system that will only give them misery.
      The DC school system is one of the worse in the country but has the most spending per student in the country. If the Liberal notion of more money for schools worked, then shouldn’t the DC system be the best in the country?
      Obviously there are lots of different factors involved but more money isn’t a solution.

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