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Clarification of Ungovernable

This comment is in response to a comment at Econtalk about the notion of “Ungovernable.”

Who are the people I speak of in “we, the people?”

The people are the people, all 300 million of them. I’d say for the most part, most of them are pretty easy going and don’t really care what’s going on in Washington. They just want to do their thing and be happy. Those are the types of people the Politicians like.
They like them because the politicians can do what they want without getting any grief and without being held accountable for what they are doing. There is always going to be partisan bickering, but for the most part the vast majority don’t really care.
The politicians hate it when the vast majority start to question what the Pols are doing. Which, I think is starting to happen now. The Pols hate it because they lose control. Simple enough to understand. What they want to do is discredit the growing movement before it gets “too big.” The best way to do that is to say the growing movement of government skepticism is fringe, extreme and “ungovernable.”
It happens over and over again in history. Look at the origin of the word “rebel.” It always has a negative connotation, even from societies that spring forth from rebellion. You ever wonder why, it’s a favorite word of the Politician? The similarities and synonyms between “rebel” and “ungovernable” are not a coincidence.

I really take offense when a pundit or politicians takes a shot using terms like “Ungovernable.” It shows a complete lack of humility and an extreme amount of Hubris. I just can’t fathom it, except in the context of someone losing control and doing what ever they can to get it back.

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  1. yttik
    March 7, 2010 at 08:35

    I was offended by the term ungovernable at first, too. I mean what arrogance to accuse the people of being ungovernable! The country isn’t broken, some of our politicians are.

    But now I’m kind of liking this term. It’s a badge of honor. We should have bumper stickers and tee-shirts, “ungovernable!” If you think abut it, being ungovernable is part of what it means to be an American. England certainly found us to be ungovernable. We’ve got a long history of rebellion, of refusing to fall in line, of giving governments trouble, of refusing to be properly governed.

    Ungovernable means incapable of being restrained and controlled. That’s pretty much a foundation of our democracy and part of the spirit of America. Government is only supposed to serve with the consent of the governed. And anytime we have to right to withdraw that consent, fortunately about every two years.

    • March 7, 2010 at 09:07

      I hear what your saying. Capitalist was a pejorative used by Marx, but the Free-Marketers turned it into a badge of pride.
      I still hate the way it’s being used by the pundits. Mainly because there are so many people out there, that believe what they hear or read from the likes of Kos, Olbermann or TL for that matter. =) It’s like how the majority of the Left, thinks that all the Tea Partiers are redneck racist, but have never actually been or seen an actual TP event. It drives me crazy at the level of self-imposed ignorance.

  2. yttik
    March 7, 2010 at 09:43

    I think the people are smarter then they appear. LOL, that’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it.

    What really makes me crazy is that we’ve got these wealthy people slamming capitalism, Michael Moore, Sean Penn. We don’t have anyone living in government housing, shopping with food stamps, bragging about the joys of socialism. There’s always a few, but for the most part those who depend on “socialism” are desperately trying to escape it.

    The polls show us to be “ungovernable” and more aware then you would think. Only about 26% of us are happy with the direction Obama is taking. About that same amount are happy about the health care bill. We’ve certainly got some willfully ignorant people roaming the country, but what always surprises me is that Americans in general are actually quite a bit smarter then it seems. Considering our media and the attempts to manipulate public opinion, I think it’s remarkable that so many people still insist on thinking for themselves.

  3. kenoshamarge
    March 9, 2010 at 07:09

    The people that don’t pay attention and don’t care much about politics decide they must care when those who are doing the “governing” are doing such a poor job.

    Most of us, as you say, want to just live our lives and hear as little from the pinheads we elect as possible. Therefore, all too often, we are governed by those who are incapable of governing.

    Once I began to hear politicians spouting “talking points” all the time I knew they, the spouters, were incapable of governing. Haven’t they the brainpower to form coherent and relevant thoughts on their own? Must they parrot “talking points” in order to stay on message like a bunch of empty headed robots? That takes us to where we are today.

    We are “governed” by a mere handful of powerful politicians who care little or nothing about the country or it’s people. They care about their party and it’s ability to have power. Power means money. Money means being able to plaster the airwaves with ads so that those not paying attention will decide to vote based on such foolishness. Notice that the first thing the media talks about is how much money any pol has raised. That’s the most important thing. The money.

    An honest and competent media could put a stop to much of this b.s. Anyone know where we can find one?

    We aren’t ungovernable, they are simply incapable of governing.

    • March 9, 2010 at 14:21

      I agree for the most part. A honest media would be nice, but we don’t have one and probably never will.
      One thing about the Citizens United Case that everyone doesn’t talk about is one of the reason’s McCain/Feingold was struck was because it treated the Media Corporations differently than other corporations. Thinking this through, there is a very good reason for what they did. They could have banned the Media corps from their political speech as well, well then how are the people going to get their messages across?
      Every group relies on the Media to transmit their messages across the country, with a media ban, that would no longer happen.
      It’s one of those free speech means you have to protect the speech of people you find horrible, otherwise no one is really free to speak.

      Of course money drives everything. Again that’s just human nature, try to change it and you may as well replace the human race with robots. I’m against any sort of Stepfordizing of anyone.

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