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Cruising down the Road to Serfdom

[Today]… socialism has come to mean chiefly the extensive redistribution of incomes through taxation and the institutions of the welfare state. In [this] kind of socialism the [totalitarian] effects I discuss in this book are brought about more slowly, indirectly, and imperfectly. I believe that the ultimate outcome tends to be very much the same…

Friedrich A. von Hayek – Road to Serfdom, 1976 edition

I don’t think March 21st 2010, will be they day remembered for the death of liberty in the United States. I know a lot of people are lamenting the passage of the Senate version of HCR in the House. There are still a few more procedural hurdles to go. I think it will ultimately end up on Obama’s desk, with huge pomp and fanfare by Liberals. Maybe Obama could auction off the numerous pen’s he will use to help pay off the debt?

Then there will be lawsuits from Attorneys General in at least Virginia, Florida and South Carolina, challenging the Constitutionality of Obamacare and the Mandate. The Mandate is unprecedented and the true affront to liberty. I don’t think the Court will do anything to stop the Mandate. Ever since the New Deal, the Court has sided with ever increasing Government power over personal liberty. If you have any doubts, Kelo vs. New Haven should have dashed that.

In the end, the only hope for the Republic is the people. The people have amassed in opposition to the ever increasing powers of Government in the Tea Parties. It’s no wonder that Progressives in the Media have tried to deride and discredit the Tea Party. They need to disparage the movement before as soon as possible. It hasn’t worked. The protests outside Washington will only get bigger than they were yesterday. They will only get louder. No amount of astro-turfing by the Liberals (Coffee party) or plants (the racial slurs supposedly reported being used against John Lewis) will detract from the growing Tea Party movement.

In the end, I think Obamacare will have done a huge service to the country. Not by its intended consequences but through its unintended consequences. Unintentionally, Obama, Reid and Pelosi have woken up the populace to how the sausage is made in Washington. The people don’t like what they see. They see bribery, thuggery and shady deals going down in order to barely pass a bill along purely partisan lines. I expect we will see huge protests this April.This is good for our country. The more the populace gets involved with the sausage making, the better.

This November, I hope enough of the populace goes out and votes out everyone of those yea votes, that we can do something truly unprecedented in our Nation’s history, repeal an entitlement and put make a u-turn on the Road to Serfdom. It remains to be seen, but Obama will definitely go down in history. Either as one of the greatest instigators of the Socialist State or as the cause of a Great Awakening. I’m hoping for the latter.

  1. yttik
    March 22, 2010 at 17:37

    I’m hopeful, Zombie. People are waking up and starting to demand some accountability. Either the people will force some real change or the Gov will go bankrupt and we’ll get to start over. Either way, I don’t see the US peacefully sliding into socialism. Socialism isn’t for wimps, LOL. Ask somebody standing in line at the food bank, trying to figure out how to eat until their next allotment of food stamps goes thru. The US is full of a lot of entitled people who aren’t real good at patiently awaiting the dole.

    I think this bill is a done deal, but it could get tangled up in the senate for a bit. All it would take is some resistance from Republicans. Of course, they know their political futures depend on being able to oppose this bill and if they shoot it down now, they won’t have anything to rally voters around in November.

    • March 23, 2010 at 11:58

      You are absolutely right, we as a society aren’t prepared to wait. We hate waiting. My only concern is that people will again confuse government failure with market failure and want even more government involvement, which will keep making matters worse.
      It’s like a patient going to the doctor over and over again because they are sick, not realizing that the doctor is using dirty needles.

  2. Woodhull
    March 22, 2010 at 18:41

    I hope that come November there will be talk of special counsel and investigations into so many things on so many levels). If the repubs get riled up and haven’t got just as many skeletons to unbury, they may just start eating their own (politicians). If the dems think they can divide and conquer the electorate, why can’t it work on them, too. I’m going to have to think about this some more.

    Welcome back, ZH.

    • March 23, 2010 at 11:59

      Like I said I’m putting a lot of faith in the Tea Party, call me hopeful or foolish. We’ll see what happens this April.

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