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Then they ridicule you.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”


How prescient was Gandhi? He could have very well been talking of the Liberal reaction to the Tea Party movement.

No, really. According to several “progressive” Web sites, local libs are organizing to do just that on the Common tomorrow. “Nitwit central is headed our way, Boston,” warns one left-wing site bemoaning the “hatred being generated” by Tea Party protests. The Web site is urging followers to make their own signs parroting the “extremism” liberals expect to find there. So if you see a wildly offensive racist sign in downtown Boston – thank a liberal!

Liberal Palin Posters - Where's the Hate coming from?

Why don’t supporters of Obamacare, the stimulus and other failed policies just have their own rally supporting their ideas? Other than because, well, they haven’t actually worked, I mean?

I think supporters of Obamacare are trying to hold their own rallies. The problem is no one is going to them.

The eight Houston coffee party members who attended the strategic planning team meeting…

Don’t forget Frank Rich’s groundbreaking and probably next year’s Pulitzer winner on the Tea Party.

Don’t forget the Good Rev. Jesse Jackson’s usual race baiting on the Tea Party.

Remember at first the MSM ignored the Tea Parties. They have constantly being trying to ridicule the Tea Parties, yet attendance has grown.

They are trying to fight the Tea Party protests.

They will lose.

There’s nothing funnier than a liberal protesting right-wing hate by waving a “Palin Is A Nazi B**ch” sign.

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