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Political correctness is totalitarianism with a diploma

Excellent article here.

What do professors want?

Polls and studies have shown consistently that professors, especially in the humanities and social sciences, side with the Left in political and cultural matters. So do public schoolteachers, whose unions are major contributors to the Democratic Party. This bias contrasts sharply, of course, with the dispassionate search for truth that scholars and teachers claim to revere.

I’m very fascinated with Academia. Even before the whole AGW debate, I’ve always wondered why are professors lefties? In school, going for my chemistry degree, most of the department where Lefties, and they loved to push it on everyone they taught. At the time I didn’t care, I was a Left ideologue as well. The few professors I had that weren’t from the Left, never really talked about politics, they taught they subjects. Only now do I really appreciate those teachers, not the ones pushing their own agenda. Only because now I realize that pushing an agenda doesn’t teach anything, it’s programming. And you wonder why kids coming out of college don’t have critical thinking skills. HA!

Some killer lines from the article.

Professors are more confident than most that they have the truth and are convinced that, if given the opportunity, they would rule with intelligence, justice, and compassion.

This is the Fatal Conceit. I don’t call it confidence, I call it arrogance.

The widespread assumption that Presidents who have Ivy League degrees are intellectuals is highly debatable. The Left declared consistently that George W. Bush, who had diplomas from Yale and Harvard, was mentally challenged. Barak Obama, who was not really a professor, has sealed his academic records.

I like the dig at both Ivy League schools and Obama. I’m a firm believer that Ivy League is highly overrated. Graduates of Ivy League schools don’t really know jack shit. They pretend too, and very well. They usually try to flaunt their ivy league status to show how much better they are. Hogwash, Krugman comes from and teaches in Ivy League schools, but can’t seem to grasp that, thanks to Google, he can’t lie to everyone like he used to. (Which is funny, because now the Krugman defenders are trying to argue that “Temporary Nationalization” doesn’t really mean nationalization, yeah keep trying to defend the Krug.)

To see how intelligently and objectively academics use the authority they have, examine the political correctness the suffocates the employment practices and intellectual lives of almost all American campuses. Aberlour’s Fifth Law: “Political correctness is totalitarianism with a diploma.”

That was so good I had to use it as my title.

In big government we trust, for with the election of sufficiently enlightened officials, we might gain full medical coverage, employment for our children, and good pensions. These same leftist leaders might redistribute income “fairly,” by taking wealth from the “greedy” and giving it to those of us who want more of everything. A “just” world might be created in which sociologists, political scientists, botanists, and romance language professors would achieve the greatness that should be theirs.

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