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The Sky is Falling: Peak Hysteria?

Excellent article over at Reason, Peak Everything. It is a good follow up to my post from the other day, Earth Day Predictions.

The debate over peak oil is heavily politicized, so let’s set it aside and test the idea of imminent resource peaks and their consequences for economic growth on three other non-renewable resources: lithium, neodymium, and phosphorus.

I’m sure the Peakers are just as worried about the possibility of no more lithium, to power all those hybrids that is going to save the planet right?

In 2007, William Tahil, an analyst with the France-based consultancy, Meridian International Research, issued a report that alarmingly concluded that there is “insufficient economically recoverable lithium available in the Earth’s crust to sustain electric vehicle manufacture in the volumes required.”

Peak whatever, is non-sense. It’s just a bunch chicken littles going around trying to get everyone to do something about something, usually it involves money going to some “cause.” More often, Liberals (the US version of the word) are at heart of the Peak nonsense. I think it’s due because they think they know more than other people, and assume they are the one’s that need to make all the ignorant masses aware of the dangers ahead. Yet their end of the world scenarios never come true in the time horizons they set. They don’t understand how human naturally, without any coercive force, change behavior to adapt to changing conditions.

It’s ironic, since most of the know-it-alls are also the ones in favor of evolution. Yet they don’t understand that evolution, at its core, is about minute, random changes, not top-down controls. In fact it’s the top-down approach, God, that they are usually against. But of course, it’s because they know better. Yeah right.

Stanford University economist Paul Romer has observed, “Every generation has perceived the limits to growth that finite resources and undesirable side effects would pose if no new recipes or ideas were discovered. And every generation has underestimated the potential for finding new recipes and ideas. We consistently fail to grasp how many ideas remain to be discovered. The difficulty is the same one we have with compounding: possibilities do not merely add up; they multiply.” The above examples show that while the production of physical supplies of resources may peak, there is no sign that human creativity is about to peak.

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