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Why do liberals hate sellouts?

I posted this in the comments over at Dissenting Justice.

First off, thanks for responding to my tweet on Kagan and Marshall.

Now for disclosure, I’m a Free-Market zealot, aka a Hillary Dem turned Libertarian…apostate to most and pariah to others.

One thing that continues to fascinate me is the dichotomy of liberal/prog bloggers that want to be both be recognized/gain credibility/have their voice heard and the want to maintain the “independence” label. Its a lot like the Punk music culture, they label others as sellouts at the drop of a hat, but are the first to sell out themselves in the name of getting their “message out” but don’t worry they will always remember their “roots.” I just don’t get this mentality anymore…what is wrong for getting paid for what your good at?
The Anti-Capitalist mentality of the prog blogs just astounds me, so when I read that article and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd complaints are just variations of the “sell out” theme…I can’t but help ask…what is so wrong with that? Is the idea a starving artists or activists so romanticized in liberal culture that to make money is a sin?

Of course that leads into the other thing that fascinates me, the constant ad hominem from both sides, of “corporate media.” The Left is in danger of running out of “approved” sources soon…peak sources? I think it’s something the Left needs to discuss more than ever…although I do think it someone ironic that is was the conservative/libertarians that are the first to worry about it (Epistemic Closure). It definitely fits well with Dr. Sowell’s constrained vision.

The Ad Hominem comment stems from the use of so and so funded that study so we can’t believe anything they say, that is so prevalent in the Left blogosphere, especially in the AGW debate. It’s really a handy way of dismissing any evidence that you know hurts your case, but do not care about the actual facts, only the ideology behind them. The minimum wage debates are the same way. The Left loves to talk about the the Card/Krueger study but never wants to talk about the hundred of other studies that show the opposite results or the deficiencies in the Card/Krueger study itself. When the opposing studies are mentioned, they are only meet with ad hominem on who funded the study or the evil motivations of them (read the comments).

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  1. yttik
    June 9, 2010 at 07:37

    “Is the idea a starving artists or activists so romanticized in liberal culture that to make money is a sin?”

    Yes! Mostly because so many liberals have never truly been poor. They do chic poverty where you get free wi-fi while sipping a 4 dollar latte and bemoaning how much you get in food stamps, but few of them actually know real poverty.

    Nancy Pelosi frightened me when she said the health care bill would allow people to go out and be artists or musicians without having to worry anymore. She very much believes starving artist culture is an admirable goal, you practice your craft while other people support you in comfort. Don’t be a sell out and work for the man or participate in capitalism. It’s an easy ideology to dump on people when you’re somebody like Bill Ayers, surrounded by money that insulates you from the consequences of your actions.

  2. June 9, 2010 at 18:46

    I think your right. At least for the limousine liberal crowd. I think that the ones that have been poor, simple jealousy accounts for most of it too.

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