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Road to Serfdom number 1 on Amazon

I meant to publish this last week. =\

Hayek’s Road to Serfdom is number 1 on Amazon right now.

I’m a big Hayek fan, so I think this is a very ery good thing.

I didn’t realize Glenn Beck was pimping the book on one of his recent shows. But thank you Beck. The more people reading Hayek, the better.

With Beck giving the book it’s due, it’s going to be interesting to see how many bogus 1 star reviews are going to get posted by Leftists. Right now there are 8.

This is the newest one, dated…Today, June 9th.

All I know is what I’ve sampled on Amazon.com

However, The book in question, The Road to Serfdom, apparently is an anachronism. Book’s original title: Socialism, the Road to Serfdom. In the 1930’s, totalitarian and despotic GOVERNMENTS were the chief threat to personal liberty, and they still are in some places of the world, possibly Africa. The fall of the Soviet Empire signalled to me the end of the nation-state era.

Over the last quarter century or so it’s become evident that in the economically developed world, the threat to liberty is corporate interests. CORPORATIONS HAVE FOUND THE EASIEST ROUTE TO POWER: BUY IT. Not a new idea, certainly, but now practiced on a world dominating scale. Look at the standard of livng of the american worker which has steadily fallen since the Reagan Era.

America and the world may be waking up to the corporate threat after our wall street induced depression or the recent oil spill, but….????

Hayek’s thinking hadn’t changed much by his 1976 preface, and Glenn Beck (where I saw this tome waved about yesterday) and his kind are provide a major distraction. Anti-Socialism, Anti-Fascism, Anti-big government, etc. are all red herrings, but profitable grist for talk shows.

Notice how this reviewer hasn’t read the book? Typical leftists, as with the AZ law, they don’t read the underlying document before making their ideological rants.

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