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I was off by a few months; Kindle now under $200

In my post about the iPad I mentioned that the competition would force Amazon to re-price the Kindle to sub $200 by November.

I was off by a few months, and wrong about the competitor.

The Kindle is now $189.

It was in response to Barnes and Noble dropping the price of the Nook (Wi-FI only edition) to $149, and Nook (Wi-Fi and 3G) to $199.

Now I know for sure that B&N unveiled the Wi-FI only Nook for $149, but not quite sure if the price drop of the original Nook happened before or after Kindle’s price drop. It doesn’t really matter at all, all that matters is that competition makes products cheaper for consumers.

This is Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” at work. Two companies competing for customers, acting in their own selfish interest (selling more units), benefiting consumers (lower price). Anyone with any semblance of economic literacy knew this was going to happen. So that probably leaves out most Liberals. =)

Of course I already bought a Nook a few months ago, which my wife promply took over. =) Maybe I’ll pick up a Kindle now too.

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