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Obama, Journolist and Media Elitism

I wrote this comment over at JohnWSmart.com. It’s just more on my thoughts of Obama, Journolist and media Elitism.

As I said yesterday …they did it because they think they know better. They thought Obama had rays of sunshine coming out of his ass. They thought Obama was going to do everything he promised. They thought that everyone else was just too stupid to see how wonderful Obama was.
They were wrong. They can’t come to accept that they got taken by a conman. They can’t come to grips with it so they turn their self-loathing anger towards anyone who did know better. That’s why they hate the Hillary Dems so much. That’s why they hate the tea partiers so much. That’s why they hate Palin so much.
The media elite, professorial elite, etc still think they are so much better and smarter than everyone else. They don’t understand how normal regular people could see past the bullshit. In fact they don’t think anyone could have. So they invent reasons why people didn’t drink the Kool Aid.
Racism has to be the reason for a lot of them. They pick racism because it fits their narrative. Racist are dumb in their eyes, so they should have fallen for the Kool Aid, but the reason they didn’t was because their hatred for blacks overpowered everything else. How often did you hear accusations of racism against Hillary Dems?
That’s why they try to label the tea party as racist. The elite have no other explanation for why they didn’t fall for the Kool Aid. The same explanation goes to why they hate Palin so much as well. How often did you hear how dumb Palin is? That still doesn’t fit their narrative though. So they invent other things to throw at her to vilify her in their eyes. To them, Palin being a college educated woman, she should have fallen for the Kool Aid hook line and sinker, like all those other college educated women that think Obama is so wonderful.
It’s all about elitism. The email’s show that. They think they are better, faster smarter…and don’t understand how, if they got taken, why everyone else didn’t get taken with them. They don’t understand how anyone “dumber” than them, could have seen that the emperor has no cloths.

I’ve always thought that most of the disdain and animosity towards the tea party comes more from an aura of elitism than any thing else. You can see it every time  a Sanchez, Maddow, Olbermann or Mathews speaks about the tea party. There is nothing but disgust in their voices. Obviously, those “news” people know everything about the tea party already. They already ‘know” that the tea party must be racist for opposing the POTUS. It’s plainly evident every time they speak.

You would expect it from those people. You’d expect them to have a hatred for a President that they adore so much. But what about the Republicans and Libertarians? Why do prominent and intellectual GOP and Libertarians have the same disdain?

I recently read a article, Where to Libertarians Belong? on Reason.com. And I notices a very high level of Elitism on the part of Brink Lindsey. It made me think of other times at volokah.com and even Cafe Hayek, where the authors (professors in Law and Economic, respectively) have had similar levels of disdain for the tea party on an intellectual level. Almost all libertarians like the anti-Statism rhetoric from the tea party, but they don’t really support them. Is it elitism or skepticism?

Being academics, I’m more inclines to the former than the later. Academia is notorious for producing know it all’s and people that think they know better than anyone else. Everyone know about academic elitism. Now think about how that plays into the Journolist saga, remember than Kathleen Parker said (to paraphrase) don’t worry about it because most of the people were editors and professors. Of course my suspicions are in no way any proof of anything. I can’t link to that many articles because frankly I can’t remember where I saw writing that showed disdain for the tea party via elitism. It’s just a gut feeling I have after reading, literally hundreds and hundreds of blogs post and articles on various academic blogs and news sites. Just keep this in the back of your mind the next time you read things about the Obama and the tea party.

  1. kenoshamarge
    July 29, 2010 at 09:02

    I don’t doubt that elitism can be found on both ends of the political spectrum. In fact I’m damn sure it can. But I suspect, and my suspicions are based on years of reading things in the “liberal” press, that the left has a higher number of elitists and a higher opinion of themselves and their elitism.

    However since I am just an ordinary citizen what I think or say means nothing to those who dismiss us as unimportant unless we agree with them. Then we are allowed to sit quietly at their feet and worship from afar. Just my experience with condescension and pretension.

    • July 30, 2010 at 19:41

      It’s a problem that Democrats have done to themselves. They are constantly telling everyone how great and wonderful and smart they are. How dumb and ignorant anyone that opposes their wonderful message are. Is it any wonder that people look at that elitism with disdain?

  2. yttik
    July 30, 2010 at 11:51

    I think the underlying war at the moment really is about elitism and classism. You can hear it in the disparaging remarks made about “bitter small town folks”, “ignorant, rasist, teabaggers”, and “wasilla hillbillies.” There is classism and elitism on the right, but at the moment it is not the right that is in power and they are not the ones sneeering down at the little folks from the bully pulpit.

    If you look back at some of the successful political campaigns, they were able to capitalize on people’s resentment about being made to feel bad about themselves. From Reagan’s snark about, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help…” to Clinton’s “…it’s the economy, stupid.” People don’t like to be looked down upon and whenever a candidate can capture that anger and make people them feel good about themselves again, they win. That is why the Tea Parties and also Sarah Palin have so much power. America doesn’t like elitism, after all, we have an ideal that says we are a classless society and we will all show up to fire those who forget this.

    • July 30, 2010 at 19:42

      Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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