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Great Quote about Unions and Tax Hikes

In 2009 the New York State United Teachers ran a $1.5 million advertising campaign aimed at increasing taxes on families earning $250,000 or more in the Empire State. The ads provoked the ire of some educators. As the head of the Eastchester Teachers Association wrote on the union’s website:

“My wife and I are both employed as science teachers in Westchester County, and earned a gross household income in 2007 of more than $240,000. This year, we may top the $250,000 figure with step increases and extracurricular activities. Thus, NYSUT is suggesting that union teachers who worked hard to get good-paying jobs be taxed at a higher percentage than others.”

Yes, that’s exactly what public unions have been advocating for decades. Even their own members are starting to figure it out, and not all of them like it.

OMG! You mean people that make over that magic $250k might actually have earned it? They might actually want to keep it? Why did it take Union people so long to figure it out?

Oh and how the fuck do two teachers make in over $250k? I’m glad I don’t live in their districts, property taxes are probably outrageous.

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  1. yttik
    September 30, 2010 at 07:52

    In Washington we’re trying to create a state income tax on people who make over 250,000 a yr. What nobody seems to realize is that this isn’t a tax for the “wealthy”, because they will simply put their money in tax shelters or relocate to another state. This is a tax on the middle class and small businesses.

    There’s a real disconnect and lack of logic going on. The thinking is that the rich are greedy and self serving, so you have to force them to contribute. So if that is true, why are they out advocating for this “tax on the wealthy?” Are they suddenly generous and charitable and desire to increase their own taxes? No, the reality is that the “wealthy” know perfectly well, they won’t be the ones paying it.

    • September 30, 2010 at 15:12

      Class warfare in action. No one does class warfare like the Dems. It wont be long until the Unions are the Dems only voter base.

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