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Epic moments of AGW nuttiness: LSU Professor and Nukes

Got to love it when a college professor tries to use scare tactics and fear-mongering to push their partisan agenda on their students.

It ties in nicely to a previous post, that the real threat comes from teachers like these, that use their academic clout for indoctrination rather than teaching.

  1. yttik
    November 19, 2010 at 09:50

    Geesh!! I’d like to say this is rare, but I too have been screeched at, “the blood of two million people will be on your hands!” I’ve also been forced to answer essay questions like, “how would you feel if half a billion people died of starvation due to your apathy about global warming?”

    I took a botany class, native plants, for fun and ran into a real cultist. It wasn’t all bad, but there is a plant here that I grew up eating that people would pickle for the winter. She claimed it was poisenous. Well, I don’t have her fancy education, but the fact that I’m still alive isn’t proof enough, Google explains people have been eating it for centuries and that it contains no toxins. So I had to write my essay and explain to her that I would not feel anything about global warming since I obviously died many years ago from eating pickle weed. However, I do feel for my kids in college. Grades matter when you’re working on a degree.

  2. Ike
    December 2, 2010 at 14:44

    I watched the video.

    The tone was so over the top, I’m wondering if the professor wasn’t goading his students into looking at ALL of those statements as scare tactics.

    Hard to say. The video was edited so much, there might have been some contextual clues I’m missing.

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