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Obama’s got Style

February 13, 2012 2 comments

Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that Obama knows how to campaign. (It’s probably the only thing he is good at, but I digress.)

Obama, with one ruling, is turning this election away from economics to social issues. It’s a very smart move, since even bad statistics won’t be able to help him in November. The new decision that Obamacare will cover contraception is a brilliant move. I’m not saying I like it, or that I think its in anyway shape or form a good decision.Looking at it from a campaign point of view though, you start to see what he is trying to do. He is trying to rally his social liberal troops into action. He knows that nothing gets the Left riled up like bashing Christianity. Obama isn’t just bashing Christianity, he is taking the fight to it’s doorsteps. The Left is going to eat it up.

The Left hates Christians. Even if they are Christians themselves, they hate the idea that the Church can dictate what a person can or can’t do. They’d much rather have the State do that. Hypocrites….I know they are, they don’t see it that way though. The contraception ruling also plays into the Pro-Choice vs Pro-life Wedge that has plagued American politics for decades. Obama and the Democrats will try to tie Pro-Choice with contraception as well. This will rally the base on two fronts; Abortion and Religion.

Now all Obama has to do is change his position on Gay Marriage and he’ll have the trifecta of Liberal Social Issues. There is no better way to fool his base into voting for him.



PETA people spoof the execution of Ronald McDonald

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Campaigners for ethically-produced food provoked fury today by releasing an Al Qaeda-style spoof video in which they are seen holding Ronald McDonald hostage.

Just mull that over for a minute. It won’t take long to realize how hypocritical these people are.
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December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Why is it assumed that all African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are all Democrats?

Now that the Reapportionment provision of the census is complete, the fight now goes to the state legislatures to redraw district maps. So be prepared for Democrats to automatically equate a Black and Hispanic voter as liberal. It’s like people like Thomas Sowell or Marco Rubio don’t exist at all. It’s much the same with women, they all should be Democrats.

So if your black, Hispanic, or a woman and your not a Democrat, you don’t exist. At least they aren’t shy about telling everyone how they really feel. They just don’t say it explicitly.

California to spend money no one has for a rail system no one will use.

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s sad, but what else would you expect from California these days? I mean hell they voted for Jerry Brown again!

On Thursday, the California High Speed Rail Authority board unanimously approved the 65-mile “train to nowhere” that would link two tiny towns at a cost of $4.15 billion, all because the state didn’t want to lose $2 billion in federal stimulus funds.

The rail line would connect two central California towns, Borden and Corcoran, with a combined population of 25,000. But that’s merely an estimate from Democratic Rep. Dennis Cardoza, an opponent of the plan. In reality, the San Jose Mercury News notes, Borden “is an unincorporated community for which the U.S. Census Bureau doesn’t even keep official population estimates.”

When will Liberals realize that only they want rail systems that even they won’t use?

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Epic moments of AGW nuttiness: LSU Professor and Nukes

November 17, 2010 2 comments

Got to love it when a college professor tries to use scare tactics and fear-mongering to push their partisan agenda on their students.

It ties in nicely to a previous post, that the real threat comes from teachers like these, that use their academic clout for indoctrination rather than teaching.

Keith Olbermann will be missed

November 7, 2010 6 comments

I’m sure he isn’t going anywhere. I’m sure MSNBC will bring him back soon. They can’t handle their rating going down any lower than they already are. So really, Keith has nothing to worry about. Hell Fox might give him a new deal just to piss everyone at MSNBC off, though I doubt they’d want anyone like Olby around.

Olbermann is of course a very partisan Democrat. Anyone with two ears clearly can recognize that. MSNBC isn’t a non-partisan news organization. They are decidedly Left. There is nothing wrong with it. I don’t understand people who think news organization are objective. Objectivity in journalism is such a ridiculous idea that only people with bloated egos and sense of self-worth would think there is such a thing. Naturally the Left holds those ideas close to their chest, as can be seen with any mention of Fox News to any Liberal.

The one and only criticism that the Left has against Fox is that its partisan Right. Well no shit! The one valid criticism against Fox is that they represent themselves as fair and balanced, which they are not obviously. Yet it’s funny that they try harder than most other new organizations for some semblance of balance. They have non Republicans on their shows all the time and for the most part try to be civil. It doesn’t always work. To MSNBCs credit they have Joe Scarborough in the mornings. Either of those doesn’t change the fact that they both have partisan leanings with their new coverage.

All that isn’t new. But what is new, is that now of all time, MSNBC is trying to make a stand? I mean why now? Why wait until 2010, when Olbermann’s partisanship has been on world display for years? MSNBC says it because of politician donations they just found out about…hogwash! Olbermann and Mathews have been doing far more with their nightly tirades against Republicans. I don’t know how much MSNBC charges for a 30 sec ad spot in the 8pm time slot, but if you were to add up time that Olbermann and Mathews use their shows for partisan purposes, it would be far greater than what Olbermann donated.

Olbermann says it’s not a First Amendment speech issue. For that I give him credit, at least he is trying to be consistent in respects to the Citizens United ruling. indeed, if it’s in his contract that he isn’t to donate, then he did breech his contract with MSNBC, so they are well within their rights to do what they want with him.

I say Oblermann will be missed because, unlike some, I welcome partisanship. I am fully aware of the bias in all forms of journalism. Being aware make me cautious as to what I believe. I do my due diligence based on my notions of which organizations have which bias.

The sacking of Olbermann only makes the bias harder to fully appreciate. MSNBC, by making this stand, makes it easier for people to forget that they still will be biased Left. They aren’t changing their line ups, they still have the Leftists Maddown, Mathews and “We as one nation, must stand together, must fight the forces of evil – the conservatives in this country” Ed Schultz, are they? Who in their right mind would think that is a non-partisan lineup anyway, well except for Liberals, which judging by MSNBC’s ratings, don’t watch much news anyway. They must just already know right?

People like Olbermann, Mathews, Krugman, Goldberg, O’Reilly and Hannity provide us with valuable signals as to what bias a news organization has. Without those points, we can’t properly calibrate our BullShip detectors. Sacking Olbermann only makes matters worse for the people who fall victim to the fallacy of non-partisan news organizations.

You ever wonder why the Left always gets their economic policies wrong?

November 1, 2010 4 comments

Here’s a short clip that may hold the answer. Enjoy!