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Iron Man is a Randian Hero

I was going to try and write a review of the new Iron Man 2. One thing that I find really interesting is how Randian Tony is. Particularly in the scene where Tony is called before a Senate Committee hearing.

In that scene the Senate committee tries to take the Iron Man armor away from Tony, saying that the only entity that is “responsible” enough to use the Armor is the US Government. Tony, in true Randian fashion, shows to the public how inept the Government really is. He takes over their screens, using a nice looking LG smartphone (product placement, isn’t capitalism wonderful) to show that the Government’s scare tactics don’t amount to a hill of beans. Tony then goes into a nice little talk about personal property, culminating in the epic, “I did you a big favor: I have successfully privatized world peace!”

The idea of privatizing anything is usually verboten to most Liberal/Statist, so I’m wondering how the usually Liberal movie review crowd will handle this. My guess is they will ignore it.

Just like how they ignore that all superheros are essentially Libertarian.

Who is always after the mutants in X-Men? Government

Batman works with the Law, but he isn’t part of it. He works outside of it. Another billionaire who decides that the Government is too corrupt to do what they are supposed to do.

Of course there are a few Government sponsored Superhero Teams, but if you follow the story lines, all the members usually leave at one point or another because of some ethical dilemma between what the Government wants them to do and what they know is right. If your a comic fan, the most famous one recently was Captain America going Galt, then assassinated.

Anyway, I’m not a good movie reviewer. I will only say, go see the movie. Wait until the end credits to see a nice Easter egg of AWESOME coming movie!.

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Here is a good older post on Iron Man and Intellectual Property, and part II.

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