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Debating Bain

January 13, 2012 3 comments

In debating people on how relevant Bain Capital is to Romney a common rebuttal, in relation to KB Toys, is that you can’t hold Romney accountable to things that happened after he left. I find this an interesting rebuttal because on face it seems logical, but when you really think about it, Bain (post Romney) is just as relevant if not more so than Bain (during Romney).

As one of the founders of Bain Capital, Romney is in a unique position to help create, shape and mold the corporate culture, ethics and values for Bain. This is very important as the culture and values of an organization have profound impacts on how a company does business and its norms. Look no farther than to compare the cultures and values of Google to Enron. One has the simple value, “Don’t be evil” while the other used bad accounting to make themselves look good. Is attacking the practices of Enron an attack on Capitalism?

So while Romney might not have been the lead on the KB Toys acquisition, he certainly had an impact by instituting a culture in Bain that creates this perception of Vulture capitalism via Leveraged buyouts. This matters in the election. Romney not only helped create the culture of a company that “raids” other companies but he also had an impact in who ran the company after he left. This matters in the election. What kind of culture will there be at 1600 if he is elected POTUS?

We can see what kind of impact his has by looking at Obama and his Culture of Corruption. Obama has repeatedly put in people that put politics first and foremost. Does Eric Holder ring a bell? Fast and Furious anyone? Solyndra? The people that Obama put into power are what makes the POTUS so powerful. What kind of people will Romney appoint?

One person we know that will have a significant position is John Sununu. For those who might not know who he is, check out his Wiki. This was H. W. Bush ‘s chief of staff. He very well could be Romney’s as well. There are two significant things he did for H.W. He was instrumental in Bush going back on his “No new taxes pledge” and he was instrumental in SCOTUS Souter‘s nomination. Souter was one of the Court’s reliably liberal voters  and stepped down so that Obama could appoint Sotomayor. Thank you Sununu! So not only did he destroy H.W.’s chance of reelection, he also paved the way for a (at least) 40 year liberal vote in the Supreme Court! This matters in the election. Already we can see what Sununu is doing for Team Romney. Is this what a Romney Presidency will look like?

One tactic conservatives are using to justify Romney is that we can’t let Obama appoint anymore people to SCOTUS. So can we afford to have Romney appoint another Souter?